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Director - Andrew Shapter

In the early morning hours of January 28th, 1918, the town known as Porvenir, Texas, ceased to exist.  A group of fifteen fathers, uncles, brothers and sons were taken from their homes and executed in front of their daughters, mothers and sisters.  The perpetrators then burned the town to the ground forcing the remaining residents, made up of mostly women and children, to flee. 


Who were the killers?  Why did they carry out such a horrific act? 


Through interviews with historians and descendants, site excavations and dramatizations, PORVENIR, TEXAS explores this tragic story, revisits what led to the events of that fateful night, and reveals tensions that remain a century later. Descendants of both victims and killers recount the stories passed down within their own families, while outsiders were completely unaware that this crucial piece of American history exists.  Their anecdotal evidence points to the possible reasons why the village of Porvenir was targeted, exploring this tragedy on a personal level and understanding how it is relevant in today’s climate.

The mission
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